AFRICAN MADONNA – Oil on Canvas 80×100 cm


– Oil on Canvas 80×100 cm

About dagmarart

Dagmar Helbig's Images of People lead to a mysterious world - the eyes of the protagonists follow the Viewer - a viewpoint from outside and insight. Build a Bridge of Beauty and pride, of thoughtfulness, telling tales of relationships, of happyness, the game, of love, joy and melancholy and leave room for each to find his own. - Nothing is clear, everything floats......... Dagmar Helbig grew up in Hamburg, Germany, is living now in Austria. From time to time she goes to Mexico-City, to see her Family, to work and exhibit there. Her grandfather was painter and art-Professor, so her way in that direction was programmed. Since 1995 she is showing her works in several exhibitions, here only an abbrevation: 2015 Wiener Privatklinik 2014/15 Aldershoff, Wolfsberg-Austria 2014 Kunstmesse, Wolfsberg- Austria 2013 Art-Exhibition, Wolfsberg-Austria 2013 Aldershoff, Wolfsberg-Austria 2012 Art and Design, Wolfsberg-Austria, 2012 Aldershoff, Wolfsberg-Austria 2009 Art and Design, Wolfsberg-Austria 2009 Gallery Heaven and Earth, Klagenfurt-Austria 2008 Scalaria, St. Wolfgang-Austria 2007 Gallery Zaar, Kamen-Germany 2007 Donautower, Vienna-Austria 2006 Gallery Castle Erwitte, Germany, 2004 Towngallery Wolfsberg-Austria 2003 Gallery Castle Erwitte, Germany 1998 Museo Nacional de la aquarela, Mexico-City, Mexico 1997 Goethe-Institute, Mexico-City, Mexico
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